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Diagnosing And Troubleshooting Car Smells And Emissions.

You can troubleshoot your car problem with the diagnosis of the odors, smells, smoke fumes and sounds that emanate from the different compartments. Timely detection of these smells and subsequent diagnosis can helpyou in taking preventive measures and corrective actions for the car’s problems.

Burning plastic.

The main cause of burning plastic odor is the clogging of the exhaust pipe by a plastic paper bag. When the parking brake has been kept accidentally on engaged, it will result in there being the smell of burning rubber. Excessive friction on the surface of the brake pads caused when driving with the parking brake engaged causes the rubber to burn. When there is an electrical short,there can overheating and the insulation material may burn giving off a strong smell. if this is the case, you should disconnect the battery and contact Mercedes mechanic Melbourne to check out the cause of the problem and prevent any further damage from happening.


The smell of gasoline inside or in the vicinity of the car is an indicator that there is a leak in the fuel system. You should exit your car immediately, check the tank for leakages then call the nearest vehicle repairs shop and have your car towed away for inspection.

Exhaust fumes.

Exhaust fumes inside the passengercompartment are a health hazard as they contain amounts of carbon monoxide. When the exhaust system has a leak it will cause fumes to be produced and the problem has to be attended to without delay. Visit this page for further information regarding BMW pre purchase inspection Melbourne.

Mold and/or Mildew.

The smell of mold/mildew comes from the car’s upholstery, air conditioner evaporator and the carpet. Mold/mildew forms when the interior of the car accumulates moisture due to the exposure of the upholstery to rain water, floods or spillage of liquids. This is a serious problem as it can cause your car to rust and weaken the body. You should locate the damp area and dry with a hairdryer. Keep the car windows open to let air circulate. You could try keeping some charcoal briquettes beneath the car seats to absorb odor and moisture. Alternatively, have your car professionally cleaned.

Burning or hot oil fumes.

This is normally caused by oil leaking onto the hot exhaust. Get a mechanic to fix the leak.

Sweet smell.

This is an indication of a default in the intake manifold causing the coolant to burn and give off a sweet smell. 

Blue smoke.

Blue smoke from the exhaust pipeis as a result of engine oil sipping into the combustion chamber and burns together with the air/fuel mixture. Your mechanic should be able to rectify the problem.

Black smoke.

Excess air and fuel in the combustion cylinder causes black smoke to be emitted. The fuel percentage is more than the air in the cylinder causing there to be partial burning of the mixture. the black smoke is indicative of an injection system that is faulty or malfunctioning sensors in the engine’s computer system. Your car should be tested for emissions and the mechanic should give the engine a complete tune up.