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Essential Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is one of the four seasons in a year where cars are normally exposed to adverse weather conditions. In order to ensure quality services are delivered by the car, it is important to ensure that proper maintenance is done on the car. This plays a significant role in ensuring that the original shape, color, efficiency and appearance is maintained for a longer time. It also cuts down the overall budget of repair as it reduces the chances of breaking and replacement needs of the kitchen.

Cooling system flush and fills: during the summer period, dust and airborne particles are always the order of the day. As such, it is important to ensure that regular maintenance is done on the cooling systems, so as to unclog them and free them from the dirt. This plays a significant role in ensuring that these parts are functioning properly. It also prevents the chances of overheating of the engine, which is fatal to the functioning of the engine, as it can result to a complete knockdown of the engine.

Battery tests: This is often done for free in most mechanic stores the car batteries.

One can also do the deep cycle batteries maintenance at home, without professional help. Acid plus solid particles tends to accumulate on the terminals, which may cut down the contact of the relevant wires. This result in a total failure of auto electrical system of the car. If not responded to on time, the sulfuric acid tends to corrode the terminals making the case to worsen. This should be done one in a while in the normal car service routine.

The car finishing should also be maintained. It is important to prevent dents at all cost on the car. This plays a significant role in ensuring that the contact of the metal part of the car body does not come into contact with water. This lays a significant role in preventing the peeling of car paint. Bird droppings should also be cleaned as soon as they are spotted so as to prevent the staining of the car paint. This can be achieved by simply cleaning the car on a regular basis. It is highly advisable to consult a qualified auto electrician, in case of a malfunctioning on the lighting systems of the car.

When it comes to the question of cloudy weather and night journeys, dirty lightings are very fatal as they may impair the vision of the driver. As such, it is important to clean both the headlights as well as the windscreen, so as to increase the efficiency of decision making at night or on cloudy weather conditions. When not in use, it is important to ensure that the car is protected from adverse weather conditions using a cover, shade or a shelter.

Regular changing of the oil: It is recommended that one should change the oil of the car once in a while, probably after every 4500 to 5000 miles. This plays a significant role in ensuring the efficiency of all moveable parts of the vehicle. Dirty and used oil may compromise the functioning of the car. In possible, it is important to consult a professional mechanic, so as to ensure professional replacement of oil is done.