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Your Guide To Basic Car Repairs

Imagine a life without your own vehicle and taking rides on public transport whenever you want to go to a place. Life will be hard for sure. That is where your vehicle comes in handy. It provides you with comfort and a fuzz-free ride without having to pile up among the crowd like in public transportation services. As a vehicle owner, you are obliged with the responsibility to maintain the car properly so that it doesn’t break down when you need it the most. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Oil change

When it comes down to basic car maintenance skills changing of car oil is a fundamental that you ought to know as car owners. Checking and changing the engine oil prolongs the lifespan of the engine, helping it run smoothly. Make sure that you check the engine oil levels and change it if needed. Changing oil can be done by taking off the oil drain plug and the unscrewing the oil filter. If you find it hard to drain the existing oil and recap the plug, it is best to ask for the assistance of a pro mechanic in Highett to prevent any oil leaks.

Changing brake pads

Vehicle brake system is your first line of defence to prevent your vehicle undergoing any sort of accident. So proper brake repairs Cheltenham are important for the vehicle as well as for your own safety. Luckily conducting proper brake repairs on your vehicle is as easy as changing a flat wear out. This can be done by removing the wheel by loosening the lug nuts then by taking off the slider bolts and finally removing the older brake pads.

Changing the air filters

Air filters play a silent but an important role in your vehicle. It filters out the dust and other contaminants from the air which is sucked into your engine. This is essential for the engine to be functioning at its optimum efficiency. These filters are cheap and the replacement can be done quite easily. It can be done by opening the hood, locating the air filter, removing the cover of the air filter and replacing the old filter with the new one.

Replacing the car battery

If it’s hard to get your vehicle started even after charging the car battery then it means that it’s the time for a new battery. It can be done by initially disconnecting the negative probe of the battery, removing the clamps used to fix the battery to the vehicle chassis, disconnecting positive terminal. Then you’re good to go and change the old battery.These simple maintenance procedures will ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly without any breakdowns. All you need is a toolkit and a little of elbow grease.